Extra creamy - Extra sustainable - Extra Swiss. The special feature of the Extra chocolate range is its triple taste experience thanks to a creamy centre embedded in a melt-in-the-mouth praline filling coated in the finest Munz chocolate. The combination of these three different textures gives this treat its extra-special character and makes it simply irresistible. Extra sustainable: All Munz chocolate bars meet the highest sustainability standards - as evidenced by the ""All Natural"" label on the front of the packaging. The products are therefore 100% natural, 100% climate-neutral with myclimate certification and sustainable thanks to the use of 100% Fairtrade cocoa. What's more, no palm oil is used in the production of Munz Extra chocolate products. 
Extra Swiss: The best chocolate bars from Munz in three new varieties: Extra Nut, Extra Cocoa and Extra Milk. A new taste experience, new modern design, out-of-the-ordinary, differentiated targeting. Cheeky, young, likeable, especially indulgent, made with ingredients predominantly from Switzerland.

Extra milk 46g

Extra Milch 4er Pack

Extra milk 4-pack 92g

Extra cocoa 46g

Extra cocoa 4-pack 92g