Why is Munz promoting the "Together is better" initiative?

At the family company Maestrani, which is steeped in tradition and Munz is affiliated with, we have always believed in emotional responsibility towards others.
When we then read that almost 40% of people in Switzerland regularly feel lonely, we are not able and do not want to delude ourselves with our adverts that everything is fine. We prefer to be committed to our conviction that people should spend more time together. This led to the creation of our "Together is better" (Gemeinsam ist besser) initiative, which is supported by the umbrella organisation "Pro Familia", which Pro Juventute, the Red Cross and Caritas are part of.


It would be nice if you like our initiative and want to get involved. And it would also be good if you have some criticism about it and would like to share your honest opinion.

Markus Vettiger, CEO Maestrani Swiss Chocolates