Prügeli Cocoa Crème

The outstandingly creamy dark chocolate Munz Prügeli Cocoa Crème delights cocoa lovers with its sophisticated and intense cocoa flavour and its creamy cocoa centre. It has at least 60% cocoa content in the filling. The intense cocoa flavour comes partly from the three-stage cocoa recipe, but primarily from the dark chocolate coating made from 70% cocoa. It’s the first choice Munz Prügeli bar for cocoa lovers.

Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, HAZELNUTS (flakes, ground), BUTTERfat, cocoa BUTTER, whole MILK powder, skimmed MILK powder, sunflower oil, ALMONDS, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), natural flavouring.

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 per 100g
Energy2367 kj (570 kcal)
of which saturates20g
of which sugars32g

Product varieties

Munz Kakao-Crème 23g

Cocoa Crème S


Munz Kakao-Crème MP4

Cocoa Crème 4-pack S