Frequently asked questions

Why is Munz taking part in the "Together is better" initiative?

In our traditional Maestrani family business – the manufacturers of Munz chocolate – we have always believed in social responsibility towards our fellow human beings. When we read that almost 40% of people in Switzerland frequently feel lonely, then we simply cannot and will not pretend with our advertising that this is an ideal world. Instead, we intend to act on our convictions and help people again spend more time together. This is how the "Together is better" initiative came about, which is supported by the umbrella organisation Pro Familia Switzerland, which includes bodies such as Pro Juventute, the Red Cross and Caritas. www.gemeinsam.org 

What does the slogan "Together is better" mean?

As is so often the case, it is not the great moments in life that are remembered, but those that we share. And although we may be constantly online and networked, more and more people are feeling lonely. The daily use of smartphones is also on the rise. Young people often devote more time to their smartphone than to their friends. Scientific research has shown that shared activities make people happy long term. And that's exactly what we wish to achieve.    

What is the aim of Munz's new communication campaign?

We want our message to stay firmly in the minds of our fellow human beings and to encourage people to engage in shared activities.

What does chocolate have to do with Pro Familia?

Pro Familia Switzerland loves Swiss chocolate. The collaboration with Munz, however, is based on the "Together is better" initiative and is only marginally related to Munz's fine chocolates. 

Where is Munz produced?

Munz comes from the Maestrani company. The products – together with Minor chocolates – are manufactured in the Swiss town of Flawil in the canton of Sankt Gallen. www.maestrani.ch

Can people come and see the Munz production process in action?

Yes, in Maestrani's Chocolarium World of Discovery people have access to the factory and can watch the production of Munz products live from a viewing gallery. www.chocolarium.ch ​​​​​​​

What influence do you have on world trade?

A very modest one, since we are a comparatively small company. This is one of the reasons why we are affiliated to the Chocosuisse Association. This enables us to bring our concerns to bear together with other Swiss chocolate manufacturers.

To which countries do you mainly export your products?

Maestrani is a Swiss company and concentrates primarily on the Swiss market, but also exports its products all over the world, particularly to Germany, Austria, Italy, France, South America and Asia. In total, we export to around 40 countries.

What is the oldest product you still produce today?

The Munz Krachnuss (Crunchy Nut) bar with whole nuts.

What should I know about the ingredients of Munz products?

All ingredients for Munz chocolate products are of 100% natural origin. For example, instead of using vanillin, we only use vanilla extract from the pod. In the case of Munz chocolate bananas, Munz jellies and Munz mice, 80% of the flavourings are of natural origin. 

Do Munz products contain palm oil?

Yes, 100% RSPO segregated certified palm oil (highest possible certification standard according to WWF). RSPO stands for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and was founded in 2004 on the initiative of the WWF. WWF's response to the question of whether palm oil should be replaced by other vegetable oils is: "Palm oil is extremely productive. In order to replace palm oil, significantly larger areas would have to be planted with other oilseeds – with correspondingly negative environmental impacts. The problem is not the oil itself, but the way in which it is produced." Munz and Maestrani therefore use exclusively palm oil that has been cultivated sustainably. www.wwf.ch

Where do the raw materials (ingredients) come from?

List of raw materials and countries of origin

•    Cocoa: West Africa and Ecuador from sustainable cultivation

•    Milk and sugar: Switzerland

•    Hazelnuts: Italy and Turkey

•    Almonds: California, USA

•    Banana pulp: Costa Rica

•    Palm oil: Asia

•    Vanilla extract: EU

Are there vegan and lactose-free products?

The following Munz products are vegan and lactose-free:
•    Swiss Premium Dark Orange with Almonds
•    Fruit jelly 200g bag

Are the products gluten-free?

Yes, all Munz products are gluten-free. Even the Munz chocolate banana and Munz mice are gluten-free, but are moulded in a corn/wheat starch powder which does contain gluten. These items may therefore contain traces of gluten.

Does Munz use colourings during processing?

Munz uses natural plant extracts as colourings for Munz jellies and Munz mice. The chocolate products contain no colourings of any sort.