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Munz belongs to Maestrani

Maestrani is a family-run Swiss company with 170 years of chocolate-making tradition. Its products have always been made exclusively in Switzerland. The founder Aquilino Maestrani is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of Swiss chocolate. In 1852, he wrote a piece of Swiss chocolate history by founding the Maestrani company.


In 1998 Munz, another Swiss pioneer chocolate company, was incorporated into Maestrani. So both Maestrani and Munz have a deep and rich history of chocolate manufacturing.

Swiss organic tablets

Unforgettable moments of pleasure: Carefully selected ingredients in combination with outstanding recipes from the traditional Swiss confectionery handicraft, make our Swiss organic tablets very special. Munz organic chocolate tablets are made from completely natural, fairtrade ingredients and offer you and your loved ones unforgettable moments of pleasure. And best of all: the chocolate tablets are CO2-neutral and produced in Switzerland with loving attention to detail.

Swiss organic Choco Balls

Our outstanding Swiss organic Chocolate in a new format for even more pleasure: Three delicious varieties of Munz Swiss organic Choco balls!
Munz organic Choco Balls are made from completely natural, fairtrade ingredients, are CO2-neutral and produced in Switzerland – the home country of chocolate.

Kids Line

What a great surprise for your beloved kids: Our playful Kids Line tins are a perfect gift, when you return from your travels. And what’s in there? The finest Swiss Milk chocolate - that's the taste of true joy!

Travel Line

What child doesn't dream of being a pilot, pirate or astronaut? Our Travel Line tins bring your kids one step closer to their dream!
Playfully wrapped chocolate pieces of delicious Swiss milk chocolate are the unique extra, which you discover in our Travel Line tins.

Swiss Premium Tablets

That’s the taste of real Swiss chocolate. What is our secret? It is hidden in the melting of the chocolate. But this is our only secret: Premium ingredients and fine, delicate compositions provide an extra moment of joy!

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